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Learn just in 3 steps to add payment gateway on your website

Learn  just in 3 steps to add payment gateway on your website

Learn just in 3 steps to add payment gateway on your website

Hello every welcome back to my next blog today in this blog I am talking about “How to setup axis bank payment gateway” so let’s started

I see many payment gateways in the market but some customers trust only banks gateway then I decide to write a blog on how to setups axis bank gateways in our site.


  • An account in this site: axis bank
  • Some knowledge of PHP for my tutorial 😀😂😅

Get API Key from the Axis Bank:

  • Login your a/c:

  • Create a New API key:

  • Now let’s start coding

In this code, I create a simple form for some fields like amount, email, phone, remark

If you submit this form then initialize axis bank order and show iframe and load axis bank URL

and save all data in a log file

Now you setup callback URL in axis bank dashboard setting:

In callback URL file write this code:

In this code print, all data send by axis bank gateway response

and also log in file

You can test gateway by using this card details:

  • Card Number:- 5577 8100 0000 0004
  • Card Name:- MasterCard
  • Exp Date:- 05 / 21
  • CVV:- 123

If you try test card you see this page after submit:

Don’t worry simply click on submit

After doing everything then congrats you successfully setup axis bank payment gateway.

Now everything set up, now personalize according to you like to set up with the database, etc.

Maybe you like this blog and if any doubt and question please comment.

Sorry for my bad English, good bey everyone.

Keep learning, keep growing

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